Customer Testimonials

 “While temporarily living in Cocoa Beach last year, a Tillman’s barber cut my hair and my cousin’s hair. We both were satisfied and agree, great haircuts and great friendly service.” 

Louis H.

 “Tillman’s has been cutting my hair for over 5 years now and I am convinced they are the best barbers on the east coast.” 

Clint C.

 “Literally the best haircut I have ever had….thanks.” 

Ocean R. 

“Came to Tillman’s for a cut and walked out feeling great. The shop has a classic feel and exceptional customer service. My barber was very friendly and knowledgeable. I would definitely return for another cut.” 

Vincent R.

 “Fantastic barbers! This shop is very clean and well maintained. The staff is super friendly. The barber gave me the best haircut I’ve gotten in years. I asked for a Princeton and he knew exactly what I was talking about. We always have great conversations, from politics to sports to fashions to movies. This place reminds me of the barbershop my Dad use to take me to 50 years ago. Highly recommended.” 

Tony H.

 “The good old American barbershop isn’t that common these days. I don’t need a lot of hair product, nor do I need a lot of neon. What I need is a precision haircut done with a little conversation. Tillman’s delivers, the haircut was a close to a perfect fade as possible.” 

Chris S.